White Chicken Enchiladas

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My husband found an idea for these about two years ago on Pinterest and had been asking me to make them. While red enchiladas are not my favorite thing to eat, I was very curious about white ones. For Valentine’s Day 2012,  I surprised him with these very very yummy white chicken enchiladas. They were delicious! Of course, I took the original recipe, and gave it a little make-over. Because, well, that’s what I love to do 😉

Incase you’re wondering, “So, how are these better than the Pinterest ones?” Here’s how:

My biggest addition was adding an onion! Yes, it is sooo needed in these.
Next, I added a bit more cheese on top, as well as inside the tortillas.
I also added a little bit of pepper jack cheese to give them an extra kick.
My favorite little sneaky swap was using reduced-fat sour cream instead of regular.
I also opted for low-sodium chicken broth.

White Chicken Enchilladas-16-EditSo, a few health-conscious substitutions, a bit more cheesy goodness, and a little more punch. What’s not to love?!

I just made these again tonight for our little Saturday date-night at home, and let’s just say they were a very well-deserved treat after a busy day. We served them with a great fresh salsa that Andrew picked up from Costco, called Jack’s Special Medium Salsa by Garden Fresh Gourmet. We really enjoyed this salsa and thought it paired well with these enchiladas.

Go grab your favorite salsa, and give these White Chicken Enchiladas a try! And let me know what you think 🙂

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