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2014-07-03 Turkey Taco Chili-321Loaded with fresh ground turkey, beans, and vegetables, and simmered in a rich, tomato broth. Turkey Taco Chili is healthy, hearty, flavorful and easy to make! Pile on the fixings and dive into a warm bowl of chili goodness.

Hi! Thanks for visiting again! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It was actually quite a big week around here for us. My birthday was Wednesday and Andrew took the day off of work. I can’t even begin to say how much he did to make me feel more than loved for my special day. He kicked off the celebration by bringing me two dozen pink roses the night before. On my birthday, I woke up to the house decorated and picked up, a hot breakfast, and the sweetest card. I was even treated to a mid-morning nap while Andrew watched the boys so I could get a few extra birthday zzzzs. Birthday fest continued with Grandma and Grandpa Lovasz coming over at 11:00am to watch the big boys, while Andrew and I (and Charlie) headed out to lunch, a day of shopping, and a special celebration dinner. We all had such a great day! William and James had so much fun playing and being spoiled by their wonderful Grandparents. Andrew and I were thrilled to have an entire afternoon AND evening (almost) just the two of us. We had a delicious and very fun lunch at Crispelli’s, where we enjoyed margarita pizzas and salads.

Then we headed onward to Somerset Mall do a little a lot of birthday shopping. After a while, we decided to refuel with a little birthday Starbucks. Wow, I think we forgot how amazing it feels to sip a hot drink with each other on a weekday afternoon and talk, just us. After our snack break, we continued on with our shopping. Andrew planned out our entire shopping trip, complete with a map and everything! I was totally impressed! And definitely spoiled 😉 After all of our shopping fun, we headed to Ocean Prime for the most wonderful dinner. For dinner we enjoyed a crab and shrimp salad, ribeye steak with a giant twice baked potato, and a special chocolate peanut butter mousse pie for dessert. Deeeelicious!!! I am so thankful for such an incredible day! 🙂

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When you don’t have the night off from cooking, grab this recipe and head to the kitchen. We just love this Turkey Taco Chili and I’m sure you will too! It’s delightfully delicious, incredibly nutritious, and super duper easy to make. Such a winning combination!

2014-07-03 Turkey Taco Chili-322My inspiration for this recipe came from Skinny Taste’s Turkey Chili Taco Soup. I came across this chili a few months back, when I was scouring the internet for ideas of freezer friendly meals to make for after Charlie. I liked the look of it enough to add it to my list of “things to make for when baby comes”. Of course, before I even stepped foot in the kitchen to make it, I took my pen and made a bunch of changes to it. (I guess I view cooking as an art. My meals and recipes are like my canvas, and I am the artist creating a work of art.) As I’m sure I’ve told you many times, I just love to cook, but especially love CREATING new, wonderful recipes in my kitchen. This Turkey Taco Chili is so so yummy! I just love the flavors of the ground turkey, beans, corn, and tomatoes in every bite.

It’s super heathy, seriously easy to whip together, and even freezer friendly. Simmer on the stove for a short time, serve it up, load with toppings and DIG IN! This is such a great recipe to add to you winter meals this season.

2014-07-03 Turkey Taco Chili-326

2014-07-03 Turkey Taco Chili-323

If you’re looking for another great ground turkey soup recipe, you’ll have to try my Turkey Stuffed Pepper Soup.

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