Thai Peanut Curry Chicken

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Sloppy Joe and Thai Curry Peanut-79-EditTender bites of chicken surrounded by baby corn, crunchy water chestnuts, and bamboo shoots, covered in a light coconut peanut curry sauce. This recipe brings “take-out” from your stove to your table.

Do you remember the movie LOL starring Miley Cyrus? Well, honestly the only reason that I was excited to see it was because they filmed parts of it in my hometown and at my old high school! I wasn’t the biggest fan of the movie (it was horrible), but I did love seeing the old hallways and classrooms of my high school. It’s not everyday they film a movie in your hometown, or at least mine. 

While they were here filming, the word around town was that Miley Cyrus visited our favorite Thai restaurant TWICE while she was here! If Miley likes it, it must be good! (lol) But honestly, Andrew and I have had a number of great meals there, and of course found a family favorite that we all seem to go back for. Our favorite there is the “Curry Peanut with Chicken”. It has chicken, baby corn, water chestnuts, and bamboo shoots in a peanut curry sauce. It’s pretty darn delicious. 

It became such a hit around here that one day I decided to put my chef’s hat on and get creative. I mean, why not try and create your favorite restaurant meal at home? I have been working on perfecting this recipe for a while, and now I am finally happy with it!

Sloppy Joe and Thai Curry Peanut-88

I just made this again the other night and we devoured it. The boys even loved it too. The peanut butter, curry and coconut sauce combined with the chicken and variety of veggies really make this dish something special. 

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