Oat Flour Chocolate Cupcakes

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Mothers Day James Birthday-34Moist, rich, fluffy cupcakes, topped with a decadent, chocolate fudge frosting. These Oat Flour Chocolate Cupcakes are seriously good, and shockingly nutritious.

Happy first official Sunday of summer! I can’t believe baby Charlie is 3 weeks old already! He is such an amazing addition to our family. William and James can’t seem to get enough of him and LOVE holding him. We’ve had a lot of fun this week as a family, and have been soaking up every minute of this precious time together. We also had a few bigger adventures this week, including a family shopping trip, and a date night out with Andrew (and of course Charlie, too). To top it off, Andrew even took all three boys this morning and sent me back to bed for a while! (What a little slice of heaven :))

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Mothers Day James Birthday-30When it comes to eating a bit on the healthier side, chocolate cupcakes are probably the farthest thing from that thought. A few months ago I had an idea to try and come up with a healthy solution to James’ request for “chocolate cupcakes for my birthday!”. I figured that starting well in advance would allow me to perfect them enough before the big day, and incase my idea was a total bust, I’d still have time to do something else. Well, I am super excited to say that since these were such a HUGE SUCESS, we have made quite a few batches over the last couple of months. I even made these again as a surprise birthday dessert for a special friend, and she raved about them!

Theses cupcakes are so soft and chocolatey, and the icing is rich, creamy, and oh so fudgy. We were all licking our fingers and going back for seconds (and thirds… and fourths). 😉

Plus, here’s an added bonus, they freeze incredibly well! I actually made a few batches of these right before Charlie was born, and I will confess that we have been enjoying them on a daily basis. 🙂

Save room for dessert, because these Oat Flour Chocolate Cupcakes are sure to knock your socks off! No one will ever suspect that these sweet little bites are actually THIS healthy. Packed with antioxidants and nutrients, these little chocolate cupcakes are definitely something special.

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