Light Chicken Lettuce Wraps

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2014-02-21 Chicken Lettuce Wraps-037-EditMarinated, ground chicken, tender mushrooms, and crunchy water chestnuts, sautéed together in a flavorful sauce. These Light Chicken Lettuce Wraps are served inside fresh, crispy lettuce leaves, topped with slivered almonds, scallions, and a mouthwatering hoisin dipping sauce.

Happy Sunday! If you missed my other post from earlier this week, be sure to check out pictures from our trip to Rome and my recipe for Pasta with Tomatoes, Basil and Fresh Mozzarella. I hope you had a great weekend like we did. Yesterday’s fishing rodeo was of course the highlight for us! What a fantastic little event put on by our community. The boys had such a BLAST! They loved fishing, the midmorning donut snack, getting to pick out a prize, and the whole experience in general. Here are some of our favorite pictures from our time at the pier.

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I love wrapping up a wonderful week with a fantastic meal. The first time I made this recipe, we all stuffed our faces, and thoroughly enjoyed it. William even found a second to give me a huge thumbs up from across the table, and said, “These are so good! They should go on your blog!” So, I decided to follow his great advice. 😉

These Light Chicken Lettuce Wraps have quickly moved to the top of our favorite recipes. This is one dish that I am super excited to share! You will definitely want to add these tender, tasty, delightfully refreshing lettuce wraps to your menu this week!

2014-02-21 Chicken Lettuce Wraps-039-EditThe first lettuce wraps that Andrew and I ever tasted were the chicken lettuce wraps at P.F. Chang’s. They are quite good, and are clearly a popular item on their menu. The last time we had them was on our San Diego Trip 2014. We even had to get a second order because we had no idea the boys would like them so much. However, my biggest gripe with them is that they are SO greasy! I mean for something that sounds healthy, they actually aren’t. They nailed the flavor, but with all the added salt, fat, and tons of chemicals, I guess it’s a no brainer that there’s some room for improvement.

The other example for this recipe came from our local favorite Chinese restaurant, Golden Chopsticks. Their lettuce wraps are also very good! They are a lot less greasy than P.F. Chang’s, but the hunt was still on for the perfect lettuce wrap.

With the flavors of inspiration dangling in my head, I knew that I just had to figure out my own version of chicken lettuce wraps. I spent a lot of time researching and testing this one! I used some ideas from America’s Test Kitchen’s Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps as my foundation for this recipe, and then followed my own instincts and trial and error from there. I wanted to give the hoisin dipping sauce a little kick, and slightly modified this Spicy Hoisin Dipping Sauce in my recipe. Additions, subtractions, and multiple versions. I tried to take everything I liked about both of my favorites, leave out the things I didn’t, and voila! May I present to you, Light Chicken Lettuce Wraps.

Easy enough for a week night, fancy enough for a special occasion, and impressive enough for company. When you’re craving that “take-out fix”, but don’t want to go out, these Light Chicken Lettuce Wraps are just what you’re looking for!

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