James’ Birthday and Mother’s Day

Hi this is Andrew posting for a sleeping Elizabeth.  She was asleep by 9:00 PM tonight!  After James birthday party and trip to Greenfield Village, I guess she was ready to get a bit of sleep!

So, before I drop a boatload of photos I wanted to say a quick word about this woman who posts every week on Elizabeth’s Home.  My wife Elizabeth is the mother of our two, soon to be three, boys.  She and I met 10 years ago when she was 20 years young.  I really never thought about how she would grow back then.  She has grown so much in the last ten years.  She has become a fantastic wife and mother.  I think she has surprised me most this year with how much she has truly become a leader.  I challenged her to create this blog and stick with it.  And every week she comes through with a better recipe that is healthy and tastes great.  When I was told to get healthy by my doctor, she responded by taking command of the family’s meals and getting everyone healthier.  And when life threw her a curveball this pregnancy, she has handled it with more grace and poise than I could have imagined ten years ago.  I’m so proud of my wife Elizabeth.  Happy Mother’s Day.  Sleep well.

I hope everyone enjoys some pictures from our crazy busy weekend!

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