Honey Balsamic Chicken Tenders

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Sweet, juicy, mouth-watering, glazed chicken. Honey Balsamic Chicken Tenders are super easy and incredibly delicious. These amazing little strips are great on a salad, with your favorite cheesy pasta, on a sandwich, or just eat them as is. The possibilities are endless!

It’s Sunday, and you know what that means… recipe time! But first, I decided to take the plunge for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This afternoon we donated, and then dumped 🙂 See…. Ps. That water was cooooold!

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Brrr! Let’s warm up and talk about these Honey Balsamic Chicken Tenders. This is one recipe you’ll want to keep close by. It’s so easy, and seriously my favorite new way to cook chicken. I just can’t get enough of them!!! (They even freeze well, too!) Just toss everything in a ziplock bag in the morning, (or if you’re short on time, just an hour before you want to eat), and at dinner time, grab your pan and cook them up in a flash.

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I love how the honey and vinegar in the marinade come together to delicately cover each piece with a rich caramelized coating. My favorite white balsamic vinegar is the one from Trader Joe’s. It has a fantastic flavor at a great price! These tasty little morsels are out of this world! Make them once, and I can guarantee you’ll be hooked 🙂

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