Homemade Mojitos

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Philly Cheesesteak-4505-EditCool, refreshing mojitos, made at home in a flash. Lime, mint, rum, water, sugar and ice, shaken together to create the perfect Homemade Mojitos.

Another bright and beautiful summer Sunday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! There’s always something so nice about finishing up a great weekend, and knowing that the next weekend will be here even sooner than usual.¬†Especially since tomorrow is Andrew’s first official day back to work, and my first day with all three little men! Yikes ūüėČ With all new things, there’s always an adjustment period. I’m just thankful that our first week back is a shorter one. It’ll be the¬†perfect way to ease us all into our new routine. I mean, so far everything with Charlie and our growing family could not be better! Here are a few fun pictures from our adventures this week.¬†untitled-258¬†untitled-247¬†untitled-245¬†untitled-214
Andrew first introduced me to mojitos earlier in our relationship. (Speaking of our earlier days together, did I mention that it has been TEN years since we first met? Yep, our first date was literally ten years ago in June! Wow,¬†time flies.) I remember Andrew ordered a mojito on one of our dates and I shared a sip. It was delicious! After that, we occasionally made¬†them at home for a little treat. Although, it wasn’t until last summer that we really got into making mojitos. Andrew¬†bought¬†a huge bag of limes from Costco and I needed some way to use them. What could possibly be a better way to use up those juicy limes than to create the perfect mojito recipe. I recruited Andrew’s help with lime squeezing and recipe taste testing.¬†This recipe for Homemade Mojitos is an¬†improved version of Food Network’s Mojitos.¬†We had a lot of fun making these, and even more fun drinking them ūüôā

We loved making these last summer, and are even more excited to bring them back again this year. Perfect for your 4th of July festivities, backyard barbeque, or a much needed weeknight treat. This is a great, easy mojito recipe that is our new favorite!

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