Healthy Pumpkin Granola Bars

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Pumpkin Nut Bars-45-EditSoft, chewy, Healthy Pumpkin Granola Bars. Bursting with real pumpkin, oatmeal, and a blend of spices. Almonds and pumpkin seeds give them a little extra crunch that is sure to delight any pallet.

Happy Sunday! This week we’re changing things up a bit at Elizabeth’s Home, and here we are, posting on a new day. I hope you have been having a wonderful and relaxing weekend just like we’ve been having. Sometimes we love to be busy and in the “go, go, go” mode, but other times it’s so nice to not have any big plans. This was definitely a “lay low” weekend for us, and gosh was it needed!

We did however, have a wonderful lunch with my parents yesterday, at their house. We live a little less than 2 miles from them, and what a blessing that is. We love having them over to our house, and we love going over there. It’s always fun to have a change of scenery and for the boys to play with some new toys. I totally appreciate it when my parents offer to have us over for a meal. It is such a nice little chance of pace, and a well-needed break sometimes. I guess that’s part of being a parent, spoiling your kids, even after they are grown.

Pumpkin Nut Bars-51-EditYesterday at lunch we were talking about these healthy pumpkin granola bars, that William and I created earlier this week. Not only did they receive rave reviews in this household, but my parents were bragging about them as well!

The best part about them, besides how amazing they taste, is how healthy they are. You don’t have to think twice about reaching for seconds, or gasp, even thirds, of these Healthy Pumpkin Granola Bars. These bars will leave you filled up, but not weighed down. They are great in the morning, as a snack, or even as a slightly sweet end to the perfect meal. I love them with a big glass of milk!

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