Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

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2014-08-31 Cream Cheese Fruit Dip-593Creamy, cool, velvety dip that comes together in a flash. Cream Cheese Fruit Dip is perfectly smooth and delightfully refreshing. This lightly sweetened mix requires just three ingredients and five short minutes. Whip up a batch and experience a great new way to savor your fruit.2014-08-31 Cream Cheese Fruit Dip-603Happy Labor Day weekend to you and your family! Is it me, or did this summer just fly by? It’s hard to believe that Charlie turned 3 months old yesterday! (James is almost 2 1/2 and William is almost 5. Wow! ;)) We kicked off our holiday festivities a bit early, and on Wednesday we headed to Racing for Kids. (It’s a fun, local event with tons of cars, activities and treats for kids.) The boys LOVED seeing all of the race cars, especially the ones you could sit in. We even ran into some of our buddies, and found a fire truck, too. It was a blast!

At the end of Racing for Kids, there was a special show where one of the drivers demonstrated a burnout with his car. We almost didn’t stay for it, but at the last minute decided to try it. Holy smokes! (Literally 😉 Check out all of the smoke in the last few pictures.) The boys LOVED it and William informed us when we got home, that “the burnout was the best part!”. It was definitely worth seeing!

If you need a dynamite recipe for your Labor Day picnic tomorrow, and you’re looking for something speedy, you’re in luck. This dip tastes amazing, and looks beautiful when served up with your favorite summer fruits, cookies, or little cubes of cake. Great as a refreshing snack, or a fun dessert, this Cream Cheese Fruit Dip is sure to be a hit that your friends and family will be raving about.2014-08-31 Cream Cheese Fruit Dip-595

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