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2014-09-02 Banana Cream Pie-622

Slightly sweet with a delightfully, nutty, oat taste. One recipe, two results. Enjoy it raw as a gooey hunk of cookie dough goodness, or cooked and cooled, as the perfect cookie crumble. Incredibly easy and super delicious, this Cookie Dough Crumble is sure to become a household favorite in no time!

We visited Blake’s Apple Orchard this weekend! Enjoy a few fun pictures from our adventures!


2014-09-02 Banana Cream Pie-625Serve it in chunks, balls or spoonfuls, for a true cookie dough experience. For the perfect crumble or pie crust topping, just pop it in the microwave for a few minutes, cool, freeze, and behold the goodness of this fantastic concoction. This is seriously one of our new favorite additions to our daily desserts!

Eat it plain, mix in the raw or cooked crumbles to your favorite ice cream, or add it to your yogurt to make the perfect parfait. When it comes to this Cookie Dough Crumble, the possibilities are endless!

2014-09-02 Banana Cream Pie-630

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