Chicken Breasts with Turmeric, Apples and Shallots

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Chicken Breasts with Turmeric, Apples and ShallotsThin, marinated breasts of turmeric covered chicken, topped with a mountain of mouthwatering, sweet apples and caramelized shallots. Serve Chicken Breasts with Turmeric, Apples and Shallots with rice, your favorite veggie or a side salad and you’ll have the perfect “good for you” meal that will certainly be an unforgettable family favorite.

It’s another cold and snowy day here in Michigan. I guess that’s how the last few Wednesdays have been around here. Well, if it has to be bitter cold outside, I’m at least happy to report that we have been staying warm and toasty by heating things up in our kitchen. The boys and I have been cooking up a storm this week! I’ve been putting them to work in the kitchen whenever possible, and they have been a huge help. I have also been enjoying a few minutes to test some recipes without my little helpers. That’s when I’ve been turning to nap times, nights and weekends when I need that extra minute to actually think about what I’m doing. 😉

Chicken Breasts with Turmeric, Apples and ShallotsI’ve been having such a blast creating all sorts of healthy and delicious recipes. OBSESSED might be the right word, but I’d prefer to stick with something a little less dramatic. Let’s just say that I have been on a total role lately, in the creating and cooking department. Lots and lots of fun goodies have been emerging from our kitchen these days. I will most definitely be sharing the winning recipes with you! So don’t even worry.

Ok, so more about this little creation. William was super excited about this dinner before I even made it! While we were out grocery shopping the other day, and busy gathering a few necessary ingredients, he exclaims, “Momma, I’m REALLY excited about that apple thing for dinner!” Well, if that doesn’t sell it, I don’t know what does. 😉 Clearly, this has become an instant family favorite! It’s sweet and savory, super easy, incredibly healthy, and just so yummy! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Chicken Breasts with Turmeric, Apples and Shallots

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